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This is the toughest job in sales and there is no University course in sales leadership as each company sales environment (and each sales team) is different. The development of sales leaders is to ‘learn by doing’ but there are four characteristics of great sales leaders which can be developed and enhanced with WBS’s approach

  • Using the Right Metrics – not sales revenue and profit (these are lagging indicators) but consistent sales process, key sales milestones, and value creation for the customer
  • Coaching and Developing Sales Staff – the right leader can improve sales staff performance by 20%
  • Strategic Guidance – how to implement the sales plan effectively
  • Value Creation – helping to develop ‘unexpected added value’ for the customer

Our Sales Leadership programme is not based on formal ‘sheep dip’ training but a clear assessment of the current state of the organisation’s sales effectiveness and a workshop based review of your sales leaders’ behaviour to identify what strengths and weaknesses they have in terms of these leadership characteristics.

The outcome of this analysis is a tailored programme of change which is largely action based, supported by coaching and mentoring and where necessary short, half day workshops to address specific functional and behavioural needs.

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