Sales Focus is best Linked to Sales Strategy

Sales Focus is best Linked to Sales Strategy

  • 10 May 2017
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Sales Focus is best Linked to Sales Strategy

Sometimes you come across a sales improvement scenario where the root cause of the issue is a misaligned or unrealistic business aspiration. To have the best impact, go back to basics and review the business strategy and then implement the sales improvement plan.

In one recent assignment, the initial dialogue began with a conversation about sales recruitment and motivation including the potential role of partners. However, it soon became clear that the business had grown and added a couple of new business areas with a different focus and agenda.

To achieve the desired 3-year improvement and growth plan, it soon became clear that a top level strategic review was an important starting point. A strategy workshop highlighted the frustrations and conflicts inherent in the different work practices and customer requirements. To leverage the success of the main business in its niche to help the desired diversification agenda, a rebranding exercise with fresh marketing collateral was recommended. The various sub-brands adopted the group business name and style to provide credibility and focus to the revised sales growth programme.

The desire to widen the reach of the core business into new geographies was a major strategic dilemma. Competition and specific market needs soon directed this part of the programme to sales and solutions delivery through qualified partners, many of whom had different aspirations.

In the core home market, detailed focus on the major competitor yielded an aggressive plan of action, including targeted information gathering and sales recruitment. A clear sales strategy involving major customers and target prospects was developed with the important aim of widening and deepening the service engagement with customers in various parts of the supply chain.

This top-down review and strategic change programme had a very positive impact on the alignment of the whole company to the growth plan and provided the sales team with the service delivery and support to make the most of the opportunities available, despite a depressed overall market scenario.

The active involvement of Board Directors with the key customers and target prospects reinforced the sales team in the field and ensured the growth in both revenue and profit was achieved. Help, support, and direction from the heads of the business is a key factor in the ongoing sales and business success.

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