Introduction to selling

Introduction to selling

WBS Sales Excellence Series

  • 2 March 2017
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Introduction to selling
To provide participants with an understanding of selling and to practice some basic elements of the job so they are better placed to start the process of selling or to help their sales colleagues.
Course Description:
The one day workshop designed for up to 12 participants will dispel the myths of selling and sales people and provide participants with an overview of the buying and selling processes, differentiation, and three key sales skills.

Course Programme:

• What drives people to buy?
• What process do buyers go through?
• What are the key attributes of a seller?
• What are the key stages in a sale?
• How do you build relationships?
• How do you prepare for a sales meeting?
• How do sales people manage their time?

Suitable For:
People who are about to move in to sales, business professionals who have to sell or non-salespeople who will benefit from having an understanding of selling.
Why Attend:
For people new to sales and people who have to sell though it is not their primary role it will provide a solid foundation for their sales learning. Recommended follow up is the Core Sales Skills Course.
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